Investing and Speculating in Natural Resources with Rick Rule

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Rick Rule

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Module 1:  The Case for Investing in Natural Resources and Precious Metals
In this exciting kick-off session, Rick will reveal the overall strategy of why it makes sense to get up to speed on investing in these areas as soon as possible, and how to become a highly-successful, highly-profitable investor or speculator in the natural resources and precious metals sectors.

Module 2:   Contrarian or Victim: The Choice is Yours
In this eye-opening session, Rick fully explains why you MUST become a contrarian to successfully invest or speculate in the resource and metals sectors. Following “the crowd” will quickly make you a “Victim” – a big-time loser in trading resources and metals.

Module 3:  Mining and Minerals Investing Primer: How the World’s Savviest Investors Speculate in Mining and Minerals 
In Session 3, Rick unveils the key secrets of successful contrarian investing and speculating in the mining and minerals markets. You’ll discover little-known methods and strategies used by the world’s most successful speculators.  

Module 4:  Energy Investing Primer: How to Create Potential ‘Gushers’ of Cash in the Upcoming Commodity-Related Rebound!
Oil and gas is not only the largest natural resource investing sector, it’s also far and away the biggest energy investing sector. Obviously, Rick Rule will have much to say about oil and gas in this revealing session.

Module 5:  “Shark Tank” Due Diligence for Speculators, and the Art of the Private Placement Deal
Just like the billionaires on the “Shark Tank” TV show perform their due diligence live on air for potential outstanding investments, so must the natural resources and precious metals speculator act with his or her own investments.

In this fun session, Rick reveals the crucial factors that make or break a contrarian commodities speculator. At the end of his Module 5 training, you will always succeed as a true, successful “Contrarian” rather than a loser “Victim” for the rest of your trading career.

Module 6:  Where Do We Go From Here?
In this wrap-up session, Rick reviews what you’ve learned so far, and how to come up with a concrete action plan to get you started on your ultra-exciting journey to successful natural resource and precious metals speculation and investing.

So Are You Ready To Set Yourself Up For Potentially
Massive Gains In The Upcoming Commodity-Based Rebound?
Here’s How …

That’s the basic outline of what you’ll learn in Rick Rule’s ultra-powerful 6-module online training course.

It truly is the all-inclusive expert’s guide to investing and speculating in natural resources, from one of the bona-fide masters of the art.

Rick Rule says that resource markets are at levels seldom seen. TSXV, an index of small cap resource issuers, is off an amazing 75% from its last peak.

So is the bottom in place? And is a commodity boom about to occur that will make the 1970’s massive move look like child’s play?

Rick Rule has the answers. And he’s about to reveal all in his brand-new training.

Also for enrolling in the course you will get to attend 4 quarterly webinars where you will learn even more with Rick! These will be on Wednesday, February 18th, Wednesday, May 20th, Wednesday, August 19th and Wednesday, November 18th.

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